2018-2019 CALENDAR

Georgia’s Only Accredited: “School With A SpecialPurpose- Gifted and Talented  Education”


Some may perceive Gifted programs as elitist. However, it is neither fair nor reasonable to provide equal educational programming and hold equal expectations for all students, regardless of their abilities.

The Gifted are In Need of Services and activities not ordinarily provided in order to fully develop those capabilities. By providing enrichment and acceleration experiences for the Gifted, we are providing them with what they need, not superfluous  or unnecessary education.

The Dinoff School, recognizes that students who possess exceptional gifts and talents should be granted the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to maximize their potential, whether it be in the area of intellect, specific academics, creativity, or leadership. Administrators, teachers, and facilitators will work with parents, students, and the community to identify children from all backgrounds.

The Dinoff School will offer these students the differentiated instruction and opportunities they need in order to maximize their talents.

The Dinoff School:

Does not sell grades or diplomas.

Grades are earned and not negotiated

Does not accept behavioral problems and does not allow exceptions just because tuition is paid.   

We hold all children and parents to be equal.

We love our children and desire to help them obtain their goals through responsibility and independence.

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela