The Dinoff School, seeks students who wish to pursue a career in the legal field.

We offer Dual Enrollment,  Constitutional Law,  Public Policy and upcoming internships.

Georgia’s Only Accredited School With A Special Purpose

The Dinoff School

Ms. Lesley Dinoff

Headmaster | Attorney at Law

After running a School for Academically Talented students for over 10 years, Ms. Dinoff is now practicing Law full time. To continue her dream of mentoring bright young minds, she is now accepting students who wish to Dual Enroll in College and at The Dinoff School with a special focus in Pre-Law.

The Dinoff School, seeks academically talented students wishing  to pursue a career in the legal field and , will work in cooperation with the parents and the community to provide a nurturing and challenging environment that encourages academic excellence and the character development necessary to become our leaders of tomorrow.


Each instructor at The Dinoff School holds a Georgia Teaching Certificate,
a PhD, or is in the TAPP Program with a Degree in their Content Area.

Lesley Dinoff

Headmaster | Attorney at Law

Dr. Lee Dinoff D.C

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Shirley Shockley

School Secretary

Ms. Jan Hatchett


Dr. Virginia Shapard Church

Attorney at Law

Mr. John M. Godwin

Attorney at Law

Mrs. Maria McCoy

Attorney at Law
Phone 678-603-1052 | Fax 678-603-1102
128 Nth 5th Street Griffin Georgia 30223
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The Dinoff School does not sell grades or diplomas.