Some may perceive gifted programs as elitist. However, it is neither fair nor reasonable to provide equal educational programming and hold equal expectations for all students, regardless of their abilities. Gifted students need services and activities not ordinarily provided by schools in order to fully develop those capabilities. By providing enrichment and acceleration experiences for gifted students, we are providing them with what they need, not superfluous or unnecessary education.

The highly gifted children in our country are the only group of children who receive no federal mandate for a free and appropriate education. Full inclusion classes are the norm in our country rather than the exception, but the diversity and variance of abilities in a regular inclusion classroom is gaping for the child who needs rapid acceleration and engaging material.

Many schools are unyielding when it comes to accelerating work within the classroom.  However, even if agreeable, curriculum acceleration, early entry, or grade skipping isn’t always enough for the child who may be working well beyond his/her years.

We, at The Dinoff School, aspire to  fill this void.