It is the Dinoff School’s intent to maintain and encourage high standards in the area of personal conduct. These standards include personal honesty, discipline and integrity. It is our belief that all students should complete their own work. It is required that any schoolwork turned in for credit is a result of the student’s own efforts.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: occurs any time a student turns in work that is not their own. Academic Dishonesty is unacceptable. It is also understood that students promoting academic dishonesty by supplying homework, papers, answers to test, to be copied or supplied, are also guilty of academic dishonesty. Specifically, students should be aware of the following information regarding academic dishonesty:

Plagiarism – By definition, this is considered the stealing or passing off of ideas using words of another as one’s own. Students are not permitted to use the thoughts, expressions or ideas of another individual and claim them as their own original work; instead they must credit the source of these examples in their finished product.
Collaboration – It is acceptable to work with others in the educational process; however, all students are expected to produce their own work. Teachers may also designate assignments where collaboration is not permissible. The copying of someone else’s work is never allowed.
Testing – The result of a quiz or test should represent the students’ own work. This work should be performed during the testing period without any unauthorized assistance. Specifically, this prohibits such behavior as looking at another student’s paper, or having inappropriate written material available for use. Conversation among students should never occur during a testing period.
Print and Electronic Sources – All information obtained from printed resources, books, magazines, etc. and any information that is available from electronic sources such as the Internet, digital encyclopedias, and electronic databases are considered the ideas and property of another. Thus, the direct copying or paraphrasing of these sources without giving credit is considered plagiarism and a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy -and grounds for dismissal.