The high school transcript will be made available to colleges, employers, military, etc. only after a proper release form has been completed. This is a permanent record, and copies can be forwarded wherever requested. Parents must sign release forms prior to the student’s 18th birthday. After age 18, the student must sign the release form. Students will be charged $5.00 per copy after age 18. Graduates will be provided one copy of their transcript at no charge. Transcripts will not be released if there are unpaid fees or tuition. Student enrollment and attendance is an acceptance of annual tuition contract and terms. Teachers are hired based on student enrollment. All fees must be paid before students will be registered for an upcoming semester or records transferred. Graduating seniors must pay all fines and debts before being issued a cap and gown or a diploma. If a financial need exists, please let us know BEFORE the situation gets out of hand so that we can help. Parents will need to sign a release of records and  pay all outstanding fees when seeking scholarship opportunities in order for The Dinoff School to assist in financial aid.