Each instructor at The Dinoff School holds a Georgia Teaching Certificate, a PhD, or is in the TAPP Program with a Degree in their Content Area.

Further, our faculty brings together many years of experience in gifted education and consists of Starr Teachers and Teachers of the Year from surrounding counties and states.

It is crucial that our instructors have both the knowledge in the subject content that they are teaching AND have the training and experience necessary to create a “thinking environment” for our gifted students.

Gifted students learn differently. They require instructors who are familiar with the necessary techniques to encourage their often abstract thinking. Many, spontaneously, employ more elaborate and effective learning strategies than do their age peers. This learning should not be limited to acquiring only subject matter knowledge. It must include the development of powerful process (thinking) skills as well as the personal traits and dispositions that energize the good thinker.  This allows for a deeper examination of topics rather than just superficial coverage. In a normal classroom setting, oftentimes gifted students may be burdened and bored with “busy work.”

The Dinoff School’s faculty is dedicated to providing an environment in which critical and creative thinking is encouraged