Dr. Virginia Shapard Church


Courses Offered:  Government and the Constitution

B.I.S. from Ga. State in Interdisciplinary Studies

Juris Doctorate Georgia State University 2001


We are privileged to have Dr. Church bring her knowledge of History and Government as well as her witty personality here this year to The Dinoff School. Dr. Church is not only a lawyer but an extremely talented actor as well! No doubt that our debate team shall be interesting! She is a welcomed addition to our Faculty AND to our Performing Arts Program!! 

Courses Offered: AP Government and Politic

ConstitutionGovt 2017 syllabus

AP Authorization_US_Government_and_Politics 2017-18



Communism Soviet PPT

Fascism PPT

Political Philosophy Leading to the U.S. Constitution


CH nine nominations and campaigns 

elections and voting behavior

interest groups

CH 16federal Courts