Mission Statement

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The Dinoff School, recognizing the unique giftedness of the individual student, will work in cooperation with the parents and the community to provide a nurturing and challenging environment that encourages academic excellence and the character development necessary to become our leaders of tomorrow.

The Dinoff School recognizes that students who possess exceptional gifts and talents should be granted the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to maximize their potential, whether it be in the area of intellect, specific academics, creativity, or leadership. Administrators, teachers, counselors and facilitators will work with parents, students, and the community to identify gifted and talented students from all backgrounds. The Dinoff School will offer these students the differentiated instruction and opportunities they need in order to maximize their talents.

The Dinoff School:

1.  is an educational environment for gifted/talented students without significant learning disabilities or emotional/behavioral problems.
2.believes in maintaining the highest standards of excellence in academics, behavior and community involvement.
3.  seeks to create a sense of order, structure and stability while continuing to value spontaneity, flexibility and creativity.
4. is committed to providing challenge rather than protection; to encourage all students to be risk takers and to realize their full potential.
5. adopts the philosophy of education of the whole child: intellectual, emotional, physical — thoughts, feelings and actions.
6. creates mechanisms for students to develop self-esteem and will establish parameters of accountability for their choices.
7.  embraces the philosophy of community and each person’s role and responsibility in their multiple communities.


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