Georgia law requires that every parent/guardian having charge of a child age six to sixteen shall send that child to school for the entire school year and the child’s attendance shall be continuous and consecutive. Parents/guardians who violate the School Compulsory Law are subject to court action, which can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both. The administrative support staff will address all attendance issues, along with the school social worker. The administrator will become involved when there is a pattern of violations.

Attendance is taken each period of the day. Students missing 20 minutes of any class will be documented as having an unexcused absence, unless a parent calls or signs the student in during the first 10 minutes of the class with a valid excuse.

1. The student’s attendance may impact the student’s grade. Students may have seven (7)
absences per class period each semester, for emergency use, without penalty. Only
EXCUSED absences may complete make-up work.
2. A student having eight (8) absences EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED within a semester will not receive a letter grade for
that class period. A student having nine (9) absences will receive no credit for that class
3. A student who has nine (9) UN-EXCUSED absences within a semester will be
recommended to Child Services and a Truancy officer.
4. If a student has scheduled a health or similar appointment during class hours, parents
must notify the administrative office with a doctor’s excuse by the next day to avoid an
unexcused absence. You are encouraged to schedule appointments for your child
outside of regular school hours whenever possible.
5. If a student is absent three or more days due to illness, your child must have a
written physician/nurse excuse in order to return to school.4
6. The responsibility to complete work missed during an excused absence rests solely with
the student or parent/guardian.

School Business: absences approved by the school for field trips, special programs and activities do not count toward a student’s semester absence total. *Note: Legally emancipated minors and completely self-supporting 18-year-old students living alone may report their own absences to the attendance office.