TUITION 2018-2019

  • Financial Aid is available based on income.     FINANCIAL AID    
  • All applicants must attain Financial Aid through FACTS if not prepared to pay full tuition.
  • Of course Scholarship opportunities are available as well based on both Academics and The Performing Arts. 
  • After the financial aid process if needed is complete, 
  • The School will set up an interview.


  • DUE JUNE 1st   Registration Fee –   $275.00 + $350 Annual Fee  (non- refundable )
  • DUE JULY 1st   Tuition deposit – $1000.00- All Grades – is a non- refundable deposit and will be applied to the last month of the school year(June 1st if on 12 Month Plan)
  • K- 12th Grade $10,000.00  annually
  • DUE FEBRUARY 15TH ITBS Testing fee is $70 once a year

If tuition is paid monthly, payment is due on the first of the month. A payment is late on the 5th. and a late fee of $50.00 will be assessed.

The Dinoff School’s primary concern is the education of bright young minds. In an effort to ensure that this can occur we must retain the VERY BEST in faculty and tuition primarily goes towards this expense. We do not feel that it is fair to ask teachers to cut back on their salaries. Doing so, would be to cut back on quality of education.

A $35.00 service fee is charged for all returned checks. A second returned check will require that the account be paid in cash or money order.